Visit from Family

The reason I have been so quiet on here lately is because my sister and her family were in town for 10 days visiting from Florida!  They had not been home to PA in almost 2 years.  I have gone down to FL to visit them several times (3 I think?), but it had been a long time since they were home.


I took off of work so that I could enjoy the time that they were here.  The excitement of their trip to PA was going up to my dad’s hunting cabin for a few days.  Alicia and I grew up going to the cabin in Clearfield County.  There is no running water, no electricity, no indoor plumbing.  The cabin in off of a few gravel roads….in the middle of nowhere.  Mike is in the Air Force, so he was able to go hunting for “Military Day”, and he and dad had already planned to go up hunting.  Us girls decided to join them.


We had campfires, took walks, and played games.  We didn’t have our computers or cell phones to distract us, and so we basically spent 3 days of quality time with each other.  It was simple, relaxing fun.  It was quiet up there, with no sounds but nature and the rain dripping off of the leaves the one morning.


Mike killed a deer near the cabin, and came back to tell dad before he went to get it.  We all followed him to see the deer.  Growing up, dad would come home from the mountains with a dead deer on the back of his car.  We would run out of the house excited to see the deer, or it’s horns.  I was never around the deer before it was gutted and still bleeding.  Mike wanted to show Alicia and the kids where he was sitting when he shot the deer, so they went down a hill while I helped dad drag the deer out of the woods.  Now that’s a first!


Here are a few pictures from our trip to the cabin.








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