As I sat in my office today at work, I could see the makeshift memorial flying the American and POW flags at the square in Lancaster.  As the sun set, I heard Taps.  I came home from work, and watched one of my favorite shows “Bones”, and sat and cried.  Well, perhaps sobbed is a better word.  The episode tonight was a victim of 9/11, and it brought back memories from that day….memories of what has happened since that day.  That day changed all of us, and I am now living the life I am because of that day.  The episode made me think of the Marines I spent the weekend with…it brought up the sadness I feel losing Brad almost 2 months ago…and the pride of Tony being a Marine.


I am overwhelmed with the respect I feel for knowing all of you who serve our country.  I am overwhelmed as I think of the husbands/wives and children who are alone today because a member of their family is deployed or has so valiantly given of themselves.  Yes, veterans sacrifice, but their families do as well.  My heart breaks for veterans struggling with homelessness, or poverty, or mental illness.  Even though there are programs for them, I know that there are individuals who fall through the cracks.  Or, individuals who don’t trust anyone or who have lost faith in humanity, and don’t reach out for help.  My plea to you is to do whatever you can for veterans.  Donate your time, or financial resources.  Listen to them, to their story.  Respect them, and thank them for their service, not just today, but every day.  It is the military tradition to never leave a man behind on the battlefield…it should be our cause to make sure that those who have selflessly given and have served are never left behind once they come home.

    • Corey
    • November 12th, 2012

    Beautifully said, Amanda .

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