The Trip that Almost Didn’t Happen

I have written recently of our trip to Athens, Greece, where Tony and I were able to spend a week together for Christmas.  We had finalized our trip in October, but a few weeks before the trip, Tony emailed me saying that he just got notice that there were a few countries they were NOT allowed to go to during their leave, or they had to get prior authorization from his command.  Lucky for us, Greece was on that very short list.  It was a Saturday when he found this out, and we had to wait until Monday for him to talk to his 1st Sgt to get more details.  In the end, he needed to have a security briefing, and then he was cleared to travel.  It was definitely a few days of uncertainty.


My experience with the military kept me from truly getting too excited about the trip.  Throughout the years, I have learned to never count on anything I am told (when Tony may be where, or what is really going on) because it ALWAYS changes.  I don’t think they purposefully lie, but I can’t help feeling let down time and time again.  As a result, as the trip was approaching, I couldn’t help feeling like it just was not going to happen….that his leave would be revoked, or that there would be bad weather.  I was not really surprised when word came down about Greece being on the list of places he could not go without prior authorization.  Honestly, deep down, I was excited to see him and experience Greece.  But, I contained my excitement, and did not really even think about it too much.  My excitement was reserved.  I said that I would not get too excited until I was on the plane, and until I saw him in Istanbul, because then I would know it was actually happening.  In hindsight, it was definitely my past experiences with the military that dampened my anticipation of the trip.  My normally optimistic nature has been skewed my the military, and I am a bit resentful of that!  It may be adaptive now, but I promise you I will fight to regain my hope and excitement without reserve!

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