Let the countdown begin!

We finally have a time frame for Tony’s return!  It is a span of a few days, but at least I have something concrete to count down to now!  My mind is shifting to prepare for his arrival home….things to do before he comes home, and things to have ready for him, to make his homecoming sweeter.  It was only a month ago we were in Athens together, and now I am thinking about his homecoming!    


Here is his Facebook status from earlier this week:


“It is soon that time again, where I will be coming home. This time will truly be bitter sweet though. I’m excited to see loved ones and be with my family and friends, but I must also now face the reality of saying goodbye to a true friend and brother. Brad has always been there for me, has always been at the airport to welcome me home with his smile and wise cracks. Although I have had several months to mourn the lost of my dear friend and to come to terms with things, I have to admit at times, it just didn’t seem real. Maybe it was because I was so far away, maybe because this is Brad, so of course he’s ok, of course he will be there waiting to welcome me home.

Well, the moment I land in my local airport, regardless of the time, I plan on grabbing my gear, throwing it in the car and going to visit Brad. If anyone would like to go with me or meet me at the gravesite, please let me know. I know when I will be returning to the U.S. and a round about date when I will be back home. Of course, I can’t post those dates, nor can I tell you (sorry), but I will gladly DM you and give you a general time period so you can plan accordingly.

Some would say I’m not sensitive or emotional, but I can assure you this will be an emotional time for me. And, I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to Brad Fox than to be with the people who loved him as much as I do.”



As you can see from what he wrote, this will be a bittersweet time.   Feel free to comment to this post, or call or email me if you want to either meet us at the airport, or at the gravesite.  And, please continue to keep him and the Marines he is with in your prayers while they are finishing up their deployment, traveling home, and reunifying with loved ones. 

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