The First Trimester

That’s right, Baby Ruiz is on the way!

On March 16, 2013, I found out I was pregnant.  It was a Saturday morning, and Tony was in Allentown.  I couldn’t wait to share the news with him.  I called him up on Facetime on my iPad and told him I had something to show him.  I showed him the positive pregnancy test, and let him piece together the details.  He slowly smiled and said “You’re pregnant?!”, and I broke down crying.  We both were in shock for days!  I kept pulling out the pregnancy test to look at it, to remind myself that it was real.

We had talked about starting a family, and were both on board with the idea once he returned home.  Tony had a “master plan” which included not getting pregnant for 6 months or so after he arrived home.  In his mind, we could enjoy the summer, spend time together, and then have a baby.  Well, his “master plan” did NOT line up with God’s…..we got more than a happy homecoming…..we got pregnant!  Our due date is November 19th, so Baby may be joining us in time for a memorable Thanksgiving.

Over Easter weekend, we shared our exciting news with our immediate families.  We bought little containers, put a pair of baby booties in the bottom, and covered them with Easter grass.  We told our families that Tony had brought something home from overseas for them, and had them open it.  When we told my parents, we had my sister and her family in Florida on Skype, so they could watch/be a part of the announcement.


We had a ultrasound done at 7 weeks, where we were able to hear Baby’s heartbeat.  What an amazing sound!  I teared up!  Here is our first picture of Baby!

The first week or two after I found out I was pregnant I didn’t notice feeling any different.  Then, the nausea came.  I haven’t thrown up yet, but have felt nauseated (like car sick) for weeks.  All day, every day…and then one morning Tony asked me how I was feeling, and I said “pretty good”….and realized I meant it!  No nausea since about week 9.  I have been getting increasingly tired though, and have learned to just go to bed when I am tired regardless of the time on the clock.  I’m thirsty all of the time, and am drinking water non-stop.  I now wake up several times per night to use the bathroom.  There were a few nights I was up 4 times!  Now that I am in my 13th week, I feel like I have a bit more energy.

Tony told me he had picked out the Baby’s name.   I told him to start a list of names he liked, and we could talk about them sometime.  This is what he did: made a post it on his desk with his Baby name choice: Conan the Barbarian.  He refers to Baby as Conan the Barbarian, saying he’s in there sharpening his swords.  I think it’s adorable that he has a nickname for Baby already.

I can’t describe how exciting this is.  I have wanted to start a family for a while, but with Tony’s deployments, it was never a good time.  As my body is changing, it’s becoming more and more real.  I held the best secret EVER in for so many weeks, wanting to share it with everyone!  Now, the world can know….and celebrate along with us!


I know I have been quiet on here since Tony arrived home.  I hope to post more often now, and document our journey into parenthood!

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