We had a First Trimester Screening done to assess Baby Ruiz’s risk of having Down’s Syndrome or 2 other chromosomal abnormalities.  The screening included a blood test (where they looked at some hormone levels) and an ultrasound.  I was very excited at the opportunity to see the baby again!


On Tuesday, May 7, we went for the appointment.  Tony and I met for lunch at the Olive Garden and then went over.  The ultrasound tech began, and we saw the baby immediately!  It looked like it was swimming, or doing summersaults!  The tech said “Well, whatever you had for lunch, Baby liked!”  We watched the baby moving around on the screen for at least 10-15 minutes while the tech got the measurements she needed.  Then, Baby calmed down, and wasn’t as active.  She had me roll to my side to see if that would move it into the position she needed.  That didn’t work, so she had me walk around the room for a few minutes.  That got Baby moving again, so the tech was able to get the position/measurement she needed.  We also heard the heartbeat again.  It is so reassuring to see Baby, and hear the heartbeat.  Since I’m not nauseous anymore, I sometimes don’t feel pregnant, so it’s nice to be reminded that things are going ok in there.


The results from the screening came back as normal.  Baby does not have an increased risk of those chromosomal abnormalities, and they said based on the ultrasound pictures, everything looks great.  They even emailed me some of the pictures they took.  The major systems are fully formed now, and Baby is going to spend the next 5-6 months growing.  Baby actually looks like a baby now, and has defined features!


Here are some of the ultrasound pictures:

Classic profile pose

Baby “waving” at us, as the tech said.  Tony thinks Baby is “fist pounding” from the womb.

This is a 4D picture with arms up at face.

I am awed by this amazing miracle that is growing inside me.  It blows my mind that there is a baby in there, moving all around, with all major organ systems developed already!  I feel so blessed to be experiencing this!  There are no words to describe it.

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