A Lexington Wedding

We have had a busy couple of weekends.  First, we were in Dallas, and then over Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Lexington, KY.  One of the Marines Tony served with during his 3rd deployment to Afghanistan, Zac, was marrying Alaina, and so we made the trip to attend the wedding.  We had been in KY last summer (you can read about that trip under “Food + Friends = Road Trip” on my blog), and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  It’s gorgeous down there, with rolling horse farms, green grass as far as you can see, and beautiful homes.  I was definitely looking forward to going again!


We woke up really early on Friday (3:30am!), and drove all morning.  I slept for about 2 hours in the car at the beginning of the drive, with the sun waking me about 6am.  We took our time driving, listening to a book on tape and listening to country music.  The drive from PA to KY was very scenic, with most of it being through West Virginia.  Arriving in Lexington about 1pm, we went for a nice lunch (Tony found a Cracker Barrel because he knows I like it), and checked into the hotel.  Tony went for a run, while I napped!  The wedding was that evening.


It was an intimate wedding, with Zac’s father marrying him and Alaina.  Tony had the honor of escorting Alaina’s mother to her seat.  The ceremony was short and sweet, with the ring bearer carrying a sign that said “Uncle Zac, here comes your bride!”  Zac and Alaina had a Marine sword detail, which added to the uniqueness of the wedding.  Tony was in charge of the sword detail.  At the reception, the Marines and their wives/girlfriends danced and enjoyed themselves.  (I know Tony misses these guys!)  Now, I had gotten sick with a horrible cold on our way to Dallas the weekend before this, and I was still under the weather (and, being pregnant, I didn’t want to take anything).  Despite this, I was able to “hang” until midnight before crashing in bed.


When we were in KY last year, I wanted to get a University of Kentucky (UK) shirt.  School spirit is really big down there (hm, that is a HUGE understatement!), and I wanted one to wear.  Tony was adamant that I would not wear a UK shirt.  I have been upset all year long that I didn’t get one, so when we planned this trip, I told Tony to get one of his friends to find me a shirt.  As we were driving down, his friend was texting pictures of various shirts for me from the school store.  So, one highlight of my trip was getting my UK shirt!  Stay tuned to my next blog post for a picture of it!


Congrats to Zac and Alaina! Thank you for including us in your wedding day!


The next day we were able to sleep in and relax in the morning before meeting up with my friend Bridgit and her family for lunch.  I know Bridgit from PA and she moved to KY about a year and a half ago with her husband, who was offered a job down there.  It was special to be able to see her and her family, and catch up.


After lunch, we got in the car and drove home!  It was a quick trip, not even two days, but we had a great time!  Here are some pictures from the trip:

He let me drive so he could take a nap.  HAHA!

Us after the ceremony



Marines and the beautiful bride

“The truck team” – Tony and his driver and gunner

Marine girls

Bridgit’s daughter Lily touching my baby bump at the restaurant



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