Tough Mudder

Tony did his first Tough Mudder last spring with a few Marines.  Matt, a police officer, put together a team of officers to run this year’s event near Philly.  After Tony joined the team, he asked Matt if he could use it as a fundraiser for Lynsay and children.  More Marines joined, and it became a joint event between Brad’s two adopted families.  The link to Tony’s fundraising website is here:


You can’t donate any more through that link, but this is the Brad Fox memorial website which gives information on how to donate if you’d like:


Matt organized the entire team, set up donors for the tee shirts, had food donated for the tailgating afterwards, and even set up bag pipers to escort the team to the starting line.  He put a lot of effort into it!


June 1 was a hot day…. 92 degrees I think. Add to that running approximately 13 miles and doing 26 obstacles….pure craziness!  I went along to cheer, to support them, and to hang out for the day.  My #1 job that day was to stay hydrated and eat.  Everyone I was with made sure I had enough to eat and drink, and were on me to take care of myself.  It was quite sweet.  We had to park in a field and be bussed to the event.  I definitely did not know what to expect and did not dress appropriately for the day.  I wore flip flops and that was a huge mistake! By the end of the day, my feet were filthy, and I even got a corn stalk splinter in my foot!


The 44-178 (Brad’s department number, and his badge number) team ended up being comprised of police officers, Marines, and other supporters.  There were at least 40 people who ran with the team.  Tony had the idea to carry a ruck sack to symbolize carrying Brad through the race, and never leaving a fallen brother behind.  Throughout the course, they carried a ruck sack filled with momentos of Brad, a Marine Corps flag, and an American flag.  It was amazing to see!  While they were doing the Tough Mudder, I hung out with other ladies whose men were running, and we met up with Brad’s parents, Tom and Kathy, towards the end of the race.


Afterwards, we tailgated in the parking area, under a few tents.  It was a celebration of the event, and a way to honor Brad and his legacy.  Although I did not run, I was proud to be there, surrounded by so many good people who care so deeply.


Jackie Pastore, the wife of a Marine, was the “official” photographer of the event.  She did a great job of capturing not only images, but the feelings of the day.


As they were walking to the starting line of the race with the bag pipers Matt arranged to escort them.


At the starting line…

A few from during the race…(the first is actually from the Tough Mudder website!)





And after they completed the course…

This is the ruck sack that Tony wore almost the entire course (another Marine Jimmy took a turn carrying it too).  Tony had created a collage of pictures of Brad and we safety pinned it to the outside.







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