Baby Ruiz is a ….

Some people might not want to know the gender of the baby they are expecting, but Tony and I were both on the same page.  Neither of us wanted to wait 9 months to find out what we were having.  I figured it would be a surprise regardless of when we found, and knowing earlier would help me to connect to the Baby.  So, the day finally came!


We had our 20 week ultrasound done last week.  They measured arms, legs, head, abdomen, spine, and all sorts of Baby’s other body parts.  The ultrasound technician showed us the cerebellum, and the kidneys.  She did (I think) Dopplar which showed (again, I think?) movement and we were able to see Baby’s heart beating, and the flow of blood to the 4 chambers of the heart.  We saw the flow of blood from the umbilical cord to the placenta.  It was a swirl of red and blue, and it was incredible!  Baby’s heart rate was 155, and she said Baby was head down, with the head on my left side.  The tech said Baby is about 9 oz.


The tech asked if we were able to see the gender, if we wanted to know.  We said yes, and asked if instead of telling us, she could print out a picture, and write in an envelope what we were expecting.  We were planning to go somewhere special to open the envelope privately afterwards.  Although we watched on the screen, we couldn’t see anything, and in a matter of what seemed like one minute she said she got what she needed.  The doctor came in later,  and showed us another picture and asked if we knew the gender.  So, we both knew in the room, even though we waited to officially find out.  We were so anxious we didn’t get very far though…we opened the envelope in the car!


Here are the ultrasound pictures we got today.  Keep reading to find out if Baby Ruiz is a boy or a girl!


Baby was moving both arms all around it’s face.  This 4D picture shows the umbilical cord and an arm up near the face.

Adorable baby profile!


Another 4D face picture

We bought pink and blue balloons, and had our families over that evening.  I had my sister and her family on Skype so they could “be” with us while everyone found out.  Tony and I each held a balloon, counted to 3, and one of us popped a balloon.  The one still in tact showed the gender.  I held the blue, and Tony held the pink.   And the verdict is….

All along, our families thought I was having a girl.  When they saw the balloons we were holding, they thought Tony would be the one popping the balloon, and so his sister changed her position and said “It’s a boy!”  See, we tricked them!  Hahaha!  Mom and dad wore colors to show what gender they thought Baby was.  Mom got to hold the balloon because she was right!

Here is the picture we opened in the car.  The ultrasound tech highlighted a cluster of 3 white dots off to the right of center.

Tony was really, really hoping for a boy (remember, Conan the Barbarian?!), so he was a little sad.  Sad because all of his friends have joked since the beginning that he was going to have a girl as payback…and now his friends were right!  He adjusted from calling Baby “Warrior” to calling her his “Princess Warrior”.


To top off the past week, on June 21, I was positive I felt her moving in my belly.  There were a few times before that were I thought it was her, but wasn’t quite sure.  But, since 6-21, I have been feeling flutters in my belly multiple times per day.  It is definitely becoming more real….now that I can feel her moving and know that she is a girl.  We are halfway through the pregnancy journey and everything is developing how it should and looks great.  We are blessed!


We haven’t done much baby stuff yet, wanting to wait to find out the gender first.  Now, we will begin talking about baby names, doing the registry and working on a nursery.  Let the planning for Baby Girl Ruiz begin!

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