Wow, sorry it has been so long since I’ve written here.  Life has a way of just flying by!

I have been thoroughly enjoying pregnancy.  Each week seems to pass faster and faster though!  I am now 24 weeks or 6 months!  I am definitely showing now-no mistaking this plump middle section for regular weight gain!  I love how my belly is rounding out.  I love reading about her developmental stage, and what’s going on.  I said to someone that pregnancy is an amazingly beautiful adventure, and I really mean it!  I can’t put into words how blessed I feel, and how incredible this experience is.  I finally got some great maternity clothes (a huge shout out to Lyns for her donations!).   After I started to have some lower back pain, I began sleeping with a Snoogle (thanks to Angie!) on my side, and that has eased the back pain.

Tony and I have been working on our baby registry.  Why has no one ever said how overwhelming that is?!  We left the first day after an hour, both of us with headaches, and feeling very overwhelmed.  We agreed to go to the store for an hour each time, and that has worked well for us.  I think we have gone to the store 3 times, and have done some online, and I believe we are almost finished now!  Why does a baby need so much stuff?!

Around 20 weeks, I started to get those random pregnancy comments from strangers.  I actually got my first and second comments in the same day!  I also finally started to tell my clients at work about the pregnancy, and about maternity leave.  We have started talking about baby names, but haven’t gotten too far with that.  With all of this, the pregnancy is getting more and more real.

Here are a few recent belly pictures:

20 weeks

22.5 weeks

Although I have been feeling her move since about 19 weeks, it was faint and not very strong, and only occasionally.  She has been moving more, and is getting bigger and stronger, and finally, Tony was able to feel her moving in my belly at 23 weeks.  And, at 24 weeks, we could see my belly moving!  I videotaped the movement, because she was doing it for so long!  Here are two videos…up close of my belly!



Another reason I have been MIA on here is because my sister and her family were just in town from FL for about a week and a half, so I was spending time with them.  Mike’s deployment was cancelled, and so Lee wanted to come home to see my belly!  It was almost 10 months since I saw them last.  It was perfect timing too…because the day Tony felt her moving in my belly was the day my sister felt her moving too!  The next day, my mom, dad, and Mike all felt her moving.  I even borrowed a friend’s Doppler (thanks Kim!), so the kids could hear her heartbeat.  Addy was adorable with my belly.  She often asked to see it, would put her hands on it, would put her head on it.  It was so precious.  All of the kids are so excited that they are going to have another cousin!  We played croquet in the back yard, went to a Barnstormers game, went to Adventure Sports, and had a great time together.  Here are some pictures from their time here:




We went to Dairy Queen before the Barnstormers game.  Complete family picture-the first time in almost 3 years we have all been together (due to the guys’ deployments).




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    • July 31st, 2013

    I love them, too! :)

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