Planning for Baby

Baby Girl Ruiz is wonderfully active!  My belly is moving so often now!  I know this means she is getting bigger and stronger, and soon she will run out of room in there and won’t be doing somersaults….she’ll just be kicking me!  At almost 27 weeks, I am more than 2/3 through the pregnancy, and my, the time has flown!  When I first found out I was pregnant, I signed up for email updates about her growth and development, and that’s been keeping me posted. When it said I am 2/3 through, and that I have less than 100 days left, I kinda freaked out.  We don’t have a nursery, don’t have a name!  Besides doing the registry, we haven’t done anything yet!  I felt very unprepared.  I was in pregnancy hysteria, and Tony did a good job of dealing with my emotions and calming me down.  We are now working on those things that I was freaking out about, so I am feeling a bit better.

Updated belly photo at 25.5 weeks


I had the dreaded glucola test done last week.  It was an orange liquid, and it had been sitting in my fridge since my last OB appointment.  I drank it an hour before my blood draw, and it kinda tasted like a flat Sunkist.  After a few minutes, I started to feel numb and fuzzy and weak. I did not like that feeling!  Since I was driving myself, I went to my appointment earlier than scheduled just because I wanted to be safe and be able to relax.  I saw the Doctor, who measured my belly for the first time.  He said everything looks great.  The nurse drew my blood, which they tested for how well my body processed the sugar.  They also test for platelet and iron levels.  The nurse said the way I was feeling was normal, because of the amount of sugar in the drink.   She said they would only call if they saw something concerning, and since I haven’t heard anything, I am figuring all is normal.


Like I said earlier, time is flying by!  I am enjoying every minute, and absolutely love being pregnant!  Well, except for the whole not sleeping through the night thing… right now because of using the bathroom….in the future, due to a baby!  Guess I am never sleeping again!


Thank you for your continued prayers and well wishes.  This is an amazing journey, and I feel so honored to be experiencing it.


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