Baby Preparations

Last time I wrote, I said I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, that we had so much we needed to do to prepare for Baby Girl Ruiz’s arrival.  Well, more than a month later, I am happy to report I feel more prepared and ready.  Here is why….


We put together the baby’s crib!  It was fun to do together-neither of us got frustrated, and it was a cool bonding experience.  We don’t have any bedding yet, but at least the crib is set up!

Choosing a name for our sweet Angel is still proving to be difficult.  We have narrowed our lists down to about 8-10 names, but we don’t absolutely LOVE any one just yet.  We do talk more about baby names now though, which is fun.  Even after we choose a name, I think we are going to keep it to ourselves as our little secret ;)


In the past few weeks, we took some classes offered by the hospital to prepare for the baby’s arrival.  We took a newborn massage class together, and also learned how to soothe the baby through various methods, including swaddling.  For some reason, Tony is an expert swaddler.  He did it right the first time, nice and tight, just like the nurse showed us.  I think it’s because of his years in the military that gave him the edge!  I, on the other hand, struggled with getting the folds correct and tight enough.  I started to get frustrated, but then realized I don’t have to be good at everything, especially in the beginning.  So, we decided that Tony is our swaddler.


I also took a breastfeeding class.  Tony wasn’t able to drive home for it, so I asked my mom to accompany me to the class.  We went one night, and found out the date changed.  So, we went back a week later.  The class was very informative, and I am hoping to be able to remember what the lactation consultant said when the time comes!  I am excited to nurse!


Yesterday was our BIG class….the prenatal/childbirth class!  We registered for this 8 hour class, and then found out that Tony’s unit’s drill was changed to that weekend.  We weren’t sure he would be able to come for the class.  Last minute, I called my sister-in-law Angie to be my stand-in partner in case Tony wasn’t able to attend.  Apparently, Tony found out he would be able to come, but didn’t tell me.  He wanted to surprise me by just showing up.  Then, realizing how late it would be until he got here Friday night, he thought twice.  He decided to tell me instead of having me hear someone coming into the house at midnight….he was afraid I would shoot him!  Tony told me Friday evening that he would be coming home, and going with me to the class the next day.  I broke down crying because I was so relieved and excited!  We woke up early and went out for breakfast before the class (he knows how much I love breakfast!).  We had a tour of the hospital, and learned all sorts of things about labor, delivery, post partum.  I feel more prepared now that we took the class together.  I feel less nervous and more excited.  He knew it was important to me that he went with me, and I am so happy he was able to.  We even earned a certificate, which I think says we are educated enough to have a baby now!

Here’s an updated belly picture, taken at 31 weeks.  I am definitely feeling pregnant now.  It is harder to bend over, paint my toenails, put shoes on, do the dishes.  I sometimes bump my belly into things because I forget how far it sticks out.

We have 8 weeks until our due date!  I now go to the Ob’s office every 2 weeks for my checkups.  I count “fetal movements”, once in the morning and once at nighttime to make sure she is active.  And, active she surely is!  Baby Girl Ruiz is definitely getting me ready to never sleep again.  She is so active, sometimes keeping me up for hours at a time.  Two nights, I was up from 2:30-5:30am because of her movements.  Most nights, I can’t fall asleep before 11 or 11:30 because she is moving around.  Between that and bathroom trips for the past few weeks, I am getting used to being up every 2-4 hours.  It’s humbling, because I realize it is no longer about me and what I want anymore!


Tony is getting excited for her arrival as well.  When he kisses me goodbye, he kisses my belly too, and says to her “daddy loves you.”  He rubs my belly, and puts his hands on my belly often, which I absolutely love.  I took this picture one morning when we had stayed overnight at a friend’s house for a celebration of Tony’s friend Brad, who was killed in the line of duty as a police officer one year ago.  Baby had me up, but Tony was still sleeping.


Yes, the preparation is fully underway!  I know as time passes I will continue to feel more and more prepared.  Well, as prepared as I guess I can be for such a huge life change!


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