As I wind down my last few weeks of this pregnancy…

As I wind down my last few weeks of this pregnancy (I’m 37.5 weeks along and Baby will be here before the end of the month!), I have some thoughts to share about this entire experience…

-The past nine months have gone way too fast.

-I still can’t believe I’m growing a human inside me.

-I miss wine, sushi, soft cheeses, Blue Moon.  I miss my high heels (who am I kidding….my poor swollen feet couldn’t handle them right now!).

-The best thing about maternity pants is that they don’t have a zipper.

-The human body is an amazing creation. It absolutely blows my mind what my body has been capable of these past few months.  I feel like pregnancy isn’t something I had to “do”, it was something that I had the opportunity to experience.

-I love my pregnant belly.  I love holding my belly.  I love it when others want to touch my belly.  I know most pregnant ladies do not enjoy that, but I do.  I have found that pregnancy is a unifying event, and that everyone celebrates the new life.  I love that I can share this blessing with others, even if it’s just by them touching my belly or feeling her move inside of me.  I want to share it with others!

-Who needs sleep?  Who needs to sleep through the night?  Not this girl!  :)

    • Sue Kopp
    • November 2nd, 2013

    Feeling that life inside of you is the most wonderful, special, moment EVER. Knowing that you are actually carrying that precious cargo is something that you’ll never forget…that awesome feeling of movement. Nothing compares to that, Amanda. I am so happy that you get to experience that. You are going to make a fantastic Mommy!

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