What’s in a name?

Of course, we put much thought into our daughter’s name.  We had been tossing around names for a little bit, but nothing was really sticking.  I was starting to worry we wouldn’t find something we loved.  We decided that the meaning of the name was as important as the name itself, more so than any family name (sorry family), so that helped to knock some names out of the running.


We liked the name Alexandra, but it’s kinda common, which we didn’t really want.  That’s how we decided to have it be her middle name.  We also liked it’s meaning : defender of mankind.  Tony figured if I wouldn’t let him name her Xena (as in Warrior Princess…what he has called her all along), that “defender of mankind” was a good choice.


Catalina means “pure”, and we both think it’s a beautiful name.  It is Spanish in origin, which goes well with our last name.  It’s the Spanish version of Catherine, which is another strong, powerful name.  Tony had a hard time knowing he was having a daughter (“she won’t date until she’s 25!”), and so her naming meaning “pure” helped to ease his mind.  It’s not a very common name, but not super strange, hard to pronounce, or odd.


Since we shared the gender of the baby with everyone, I wanted to keep her name a secret between Tony and I until her birth.  He wanted to share her name, but understood that it was important for me, and so he agreed to not share it.  When people asked, he definitely threw me under the bus and said he’d share it but I didn’t want to!  But, I maintained that I didn’t want to share it.  I liked that we had a secret, that we could call her by name in the privacy of our home, or whisper it to each other, and that no one else knew it for a little while.  It drove our families crazy we didn’t share it with them :)

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