About Me

Born and raised in Lancaster County, I am enjoying life.  I am active in the community and my church, and have interests in leadership, personal development, politics, and issues of faith.  One of the most loyal gals you would ever meet, I love my friends and family.  I enjoy working out, grabbing coffee or dinner, and reading.  I also like Twitter and networking through various avenues.

I am not an elegant writer.  I don’t LOVE to write.  But, with Tony’s deployment and all the questions I have been receiving, I thought it perhaps was a good time to start a blog, to share my experiences, to document what is surely going to be a difficult time in my life.  I want to keep a diary of sorts, to look back at and to remember what I’ve been through. I want to share my experiences, to give others a glimpse into my life as the wife of a deployed US Marine.

I began this blog to chronicle our third deployment in 2010.  Now, we are on our fourth deployment.  With deployments 1 and 2, I wrote letters to him, but never kept a journal or wrote about what was happening or how I felt.  This is why I thought about writing a blog….to keep a record of the deployments…to give others an idea of what a military spouse goes through while the spouse is deployed…to give others a glimpse into what life is like for a military spouse.

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