FIG, Take 2

I woke up this morning, determined to fulfill my mission.  There was a dusting of snow on the ground from last night, and was now raining.  This was perfect weather to drive in!

I have found out that Fort Indiantown Gap is WAY on the other side of Annville.  Now, I know Annville, because we have good friends that live there.  I (wrongly!) assumed that FIG was on the other side of the square.  I estimated the drive would take 45 minutes, but with the rain and my failed estimate, it almost took me an hour and a half to get there.

I drove right past the ID office, as every building looked the same.  I had to call the office, turn around, and found it on my second drive by.  There was a line: there were 5 people in front of me, but they were helped quickly.  I only waited for about 10 minutes.  I was called into the room and started to pull out everything.  The ID guy asked me for the Power Of Attorney, and then told me that I needed the original, not a copy.  I had only brought the copy, thinking it best to keep the original in a “safe place”.  Hearing this, I began to tear up.  I gathered all my supporting documents, said I would be back, and went back out to my car where I proceeded to have an emotional breakdown.  I cried, I screamed, I swore, and I sobbed.  Then, I turn around and drove back to Lancaster.

My mother in law (bless her heart) was able to get the documents I needed in my house, and met me in East Pete, so I didn’t have to drive the entire way back home.  The rain was more intermittent, so I was able to drive much faster than on the way there.  I arrived back at the ID office almost 2 hours to the time I signed in the first time.  I was assisted, was enrolled in DEERS (whatever that is…sounds like a Military database?) and got my military ID.  Then, I asked about Tricare and was told the person I needed to talk to wasn’t there.  I gathered info on what I need to do to upgrade to Tricare Prime, and will have to take care of that another time.

In summary, today wasn’t a total bust.  My mission was somewhat successful, albeit in a frustrating way.  I spent about 5 hours in my car, but I got my ID.  I am able to check that off of my to-do list.

Now, on to tackle Tricare….

Military ID?

Well, tomorrow is the day I (hopefully) get my military ID.  It’s been a long time coming….

A few weeks ago, we made an appointment at Willow Grove to get my ID done.  I spoke to someone in the ID Center there, and made a list of everything I would need (driver’s license, original birth certificate, original Social Security card, marriage license).  After realizing that I would have to go get a new ID after his reenlistment went through anyway, we decided to just wait.  And wait, and wait and wait….

It took much longer than we thought for the reenlistment to go through.  Even after he was in Allentown, I was crossing my fingers that it would go through so I could get my ID there when I was visiting him.  But, alas, no.

Now, the enlistment went through. Tony is in NC, and I am armed with several documents, also including Power Of Attorney.  I have called and talked with at LEAST 3 different people in 2 different ID offices, and was just TODAY informed that by “original marriage license” I need to have a “court certified marriage license”.  Good thing I made one more phone call!  After freaking out as to when I was going to plan in a trip to the downtown courthouse in the next day, I called and gave what information I needed over the phone, so they could have it ready for me to pick up.

As God would provide, my 1pm client today cancelled, and I work one block from the courthouse.  So, I walked over, and picked up my “court certified” document, and now am hopefully good to go!  After picking it up, I tweeted “Sick already of having to jump through hoops with regards to the Military…Good thing I work 1 block away from the courthouse”

I am hoping that I have all the documents I need now, and am able to take care of everything tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted!

The moral of the story is do what you can do when you can do it, and don’t wait!  Something else will always come up!